June Product Update
  • The new inbox view has been added as an option to the interface!
  • The links of the posts are updating live. It means that no more broken links that go to original posts.
  • If someone shared your Instagram Story, it was coming as “EMPTY”, instead, you’ll see the exact content, and if a post got forwarded, you’ll see the link.
  • You'll now see an exclamation mark (⚠️) next to the name of the channel on the right menu when the connection expires.
  • Freshdesk integration: You can manage your Instagram DMs right through your CRM!
  • You can easily filter your hidden comments on the tags menu using the “Hidden” tag.
  • Email and Gmail integrations have been removed. This was a difficult decision to make. We needed to make this sacrifice to focus on what Juphy is originally about which is social media customer support. They may return in the future but not anytime soon.
  • WhatsApp integration was temporarily removed. Meta (Facebook previously) just released an open, direct API. We’re going to remove the Twilio requirement from the equation. It won’t be completely free because they’ll charge again like Twilio. The pricing is not announced yet.
  • You can now see the pie chart of your DMs and comments in the Reports!
  • We made various backend improvements on Facebook and Instagram DMs, YouTube and Twitter. They work faster and better!
Custom Email (IMAP/SMTP) Integration Released
You wanted it, we delivered! You can now reply to all of your emails through our beloved Juphy!
Favicon is fixed!
You can now consistently see our fabulous fox at the tabs of your browser. Yay!
Generic Emails for White-label
White-label invite emails are now going from a non-branded email.
Better HTML preview!
The preview of the HTML in emails are now correctly shown.
Multiple Line of Canned Responses!
You can now save multiple lines of canned responses!
White-label Permissions
You can hide unwanted communication channels from your client's view. For example, you can only let your customers see Facebook and Instagram at the channels setup screen
How to set;
Go to Whitelabel settings /whitelabel bottom of the page you'll find filtering options.
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 11
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 11
Instagram DMs with no limitations!
Facebook removed the limitation on Instagram DMs!
You can now answer all of your DMs through Juphy!
Bear in mind that your Instagram account needs to be a business account for it to work. More info at;
Gmail integration is live as BETA!
You can now use Juphy for your Gmail!
Leave your feedback at;
Facebook Groups is out as BETA!
Now you can connect your favourite Group with Juphy!
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