Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  • Automation Rules:
    We have made it even easier to manage your automation rules. You can now find the "Create Tag" button conveniently placed within Automation Rules.
  • Load More Alert:
    To provide a better user experience, we have added an alert notification when you reach the end of your messages and there is no more content to load. No more endless scrolling!
  • Liking Transition:
    When you use the "Like" button, you'll notice a smooth "Liking..." transition for a more responsive and engaging experience.
  • Clickable Note Button:
    We've enhanced the functionality of the note-taking feature by making the button clickable, streamlining your workflow.
  • "Go To Original Post" Link:
    To improve navigation, the "Go To Original Post" link has been moved to the top of the section, making it easier to access.
  • Message Source Link:
    You can now easily identify which account a message came from by clicking on the associated link.
  • Advanced Export:
    We are thrilled to introduce the Advanced Export feature, allowing you to customize and export data in the way that best suits your needs.
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  • Export PDF:
    You can now export your reports in PDF format, making it simpler to share and present your insights.
  • Quarterly Date Filter:
    To provide more flexibility in reporting, we've added a quarterly (90-day) reporting option to the date filter.
  • Comments & DMs Diagram:
    We've expanded the Comments & DMs diagram to include ad comments, giving you a more comprehensive view of your interactions.
  • Emotion Analysis Distribution:
    You can now visualize the distribution of emotions in your reports with our new emotion analysis diagram.
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  • Google Play Store Character Limit:
    For users monitoring Google Play Store responses, we've added a character limit indicator (350 characters) to help you craft concise and effective responses.
Reply Suggestions with Open AI
  • Say goodbye to slow response times and hello to lightning-fast, meaningful replies with just the click of a button. It's like having a customer support superhero at your fingertips!
Tags 2.0
  • Say goodbye to tag overload and hello to simplified organization! With our new feature, you can search your tags directly from your inbox and conversations, without feeling like you're drowning in a sea of tags.
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  • Tags can be colorized with different colors. So finding your tag is no longer an issue.
  • Tag the replies of your comments! It's now possible to use different tags with different comment replies.
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  • Replied counter added to the reports.
unnamed (4)
  • Shortcut buttons for the Last 10 Days and 30 Days were added to the date filter on reports.
  • Have you noticed that the links you sent weren't clickable? We have! They now are!
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  • Better readability on notes with yellow boxes.
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  • Frequently used emojis appear at the top.
unnamed (7)
  • System tags are now not removable.
  • The report and tag's collapse menu aren't collapsing each time choosing an option.
Improved Apple App Store Integration
We've made an improvement to our integration with Apple's App Store. You can now see how many stars you got from a review, making tracking customer feedback easier and making improvements where necessary.
Improved Filtering
We've also improved our filtering options, making it easier to sort through conversations. You can now filter based on the number of stars you received from a review, from 1 to 5 stars. This feature will help you identify and prioritize high-priority conversations.
Improved Date Formats
We've updated the conversation dates in the inbox to a new format: "Feb 15, 2023, 07:44 AM". Additionally, if you hover over a date for a second, you can also see the "ago" version. This new format is more user-friendly and will make it easier to keep track of important conversations.
Getting in touch with us has never been this fast. According to Intercom, our customer support teams median response time was under 45 seconds for over 800+ conversations!
We have created a new, faster way to moderate comments. With this view, you don't have to go into the conversation screen and take moderation actions right through the inbox!
threaded view
Have you ever wanted to contact someone who left a public comment on one of your content? With this feature, you can send them a direct message and continue the conversation in a private place.
reply privately
Our filters are more advanced than ever. You can filter messages by type (comments, ad comments, DMs) or status (Assigned to me, unassigned). And, for those cautious moderators, we added the hidden tag for filtering.
There's a new chart on Reports page that shows your comment/DMs ratio. We also optimized date range selection to make it work faster.
dm comment ratio
When one of your channels are disconnected, you'll see the yellow warning icon next to the platforms name. When this happens, navigate to the Channels tab and reconnect your disconnected channels.
threaded view
More than 100 customers tested Juphy's mobile app this year and we gathered a lot of feedback. We'll continue to improve the app based on your feedback. Thank you!
Remember the times you had to deal with Twilio? Yeah, those days are behind. We developed a brand new integration with WhatsApp itself. There won't be a middle-man. It'll be released soon.
With the single sign-on structure, you can give your teammates access to Juphy without even logging in to Juphy!
You can now add multiple attachments in a single message.
You can now preview the stories that people responded through Juphy.
Attachments are now available for Twitter!
You can manage your Instagram DMs right inside Freshdesk.




June Product Update

  • The new inbox view has been added as an option to the interface!
  • The links of the posts are updating live. It means that no more broken links that go to original posts.
  • If someone shared your Instagram Story, it was coming as “EMPTY”, instead, you’ll see the exact content, and if a post got forwarded, you’ll see the link.
  • You'll now see an exclamation mark (⚠️) next to the name of the channel on the right menu when the connection expires.
  • Freshdesk integration: You can manage your Instagram DMs right through your CRM!
  • You can easily filter your hidden comments on the tags menu using the “Hidden” tag.
  • Email and Gmail integrations have been removed. This was a difficult decision to make. We needed to make this sacrifice to focus on what Juphy is originally about which is social media customer support. They may return in the future but not anytime soon.
  • WhatsApp integration was temporarily removed. Meta (Facebook previously) just released an open, direct API. We’re going to remove the Twilio requirement from the equation. It won’t be completely free because they’ll charge again like Twilio. The pricing is not announced yet.
  • You can now see the pie chart of your DMs and comments in the Reports!
  • We made various backend improvements on Facebook and Instagram DMs, YouTube and Twitter. They work faster and better!
You wanted it, we delivered! You can now reply to all of your emails through our beloved Juphy!
You can now consistently see our fabulous fox at the tabs of your browser. Yay!
White-label invite emails are now going from a non-branded email.
The preview of the HTML in emails are now correctly shown.
You can now save multiple lines of canned responses!
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